Wuppertal Individualpädagogische Projekte e.V.  

Wuppertal Individualpädagogische Projekte e.V. is a non-profit organisation located in Wuppertal.

The purpose of Wuppertal Individualpädagogische Projekte e.V. is to support people in need of assistance, and especially children, youths and adults with psychosocial disorders.

This purpose is particularly achieved with different in-patient and out-patient services for children, youths, young adults and their parents. These services are made possible by specialist, qualified personnel.

Wuppertal Individualpädagogische Projekte e.V. exclusively follows direct, non-profit purposes.



We have been involved with the area of individual pedagogics since 1996. The starting point was our experiences in various areas of youth welfare. We increasingly came across youths with difficult problems. Their experiences in life were characterised by humiliation, neglect and mistreatment, generally accompanied by a restricted behavioural repertoire and a general lack of perspectives. 


The central concept was to create a high quality pedagogical service for boys and girls who, due to their experiences and problematic situations, cannot, not yet or can no longer be reached with the standard in-patient or day-care forms of service.



We therefore understand individual pedagogics as an intensive, flexible and differentiated service. It is a tool for meeting the psychosocial biographies of these young people and opening up perspectives to them, as well as accepted action strategies and alternatives. In our experience, this works in a manageable context in life, which includes organisation opportunities for the youths on the one hand
and which is disconnected and disburdened from the reality they have experienced and their social environment on the other hand. 

There is no question either that we can only do justice to the situation in these youths' lives by not setting pedagogic aims rigidly, but by constantly redeveloping and reviewing them together.

Our understanding of individual pedagogical practice is one of a constructive and communicative process in which conditions and relationships are arranged so that youths have the possibility of recognising their own requirements and interests and developing the skills to organise their lives with confidence, self-determination and awareness of responsibility. They are not only recipients of pedagogic services, but are the providers as well.

Pedagogics, methodology and didactics

In order to enable experiences that form, promote and stabilise the identity, an original framework is required first, which can also be described as the "pedagogical province" due to the historical roots of individual pedagogics. It is an optimally organised space in which undesirable external influences are largely kept away and the development of young people into positive personalities is promoted. In this "new reality", arranged as a challenging yet manageable and creatively flexible context, there is the opportunity to view the link between cause and effect and the correlation between our own actions and the consequences. The individual is between individuality and community with the perspective of self-development and the ability to be part of the community. He or she is encouraged as a whole with qualities such as courage, initiative, honest opinions and openness.

The requirement profile described above pushes people to the limits of mental, moral and emotional skills. This requires intensive reflection of current attitudes and patterns of behaviour as well as possible change and reorientation, and therefore offers the opportunity to discover lost or unknown values with personal experience.




Target orientation

- Dealing with existing conflicts

- Forming and stabilising an identity 

- Reflection on current attitudes

- Review of learned patterns of behaviour

- Change and reorientation

- Development of a personal perspective in life

- Educational aptitude

- School qualification

- Social skills

- Social integration

- Professional orientation

- Independence and personal responsibility



Our individual pedagogic measures primarily take place in the form of project approvals in Germany, Spain and Greece. All locations are continuously taken care of by specialists and correspond with the standards for individual pedagogic measures of the Rhineland state youth welfare office. The measures in Germany are backed up with authorisations from the respective state youth welfare offices.


Other areas of work

Furthermore, our employees are involved with the following specialist areas:


  • Residency sponsorship
  • School social work
  • Training on awareness of rules
  • Marte-Meo therapy
  • Anti-violence and de-escalation training
  • Projects for parent qualification
  • Outdoor training
  • Psycho-traumatic specialist advice
  • Systematic advice






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